Welcome to Pepperdine Wiki

Ever need to just figure something out at Pepperdine University without the hassle of going through Wavenet or searching news articles? Well, you've come to the right place! Pepperdine Wiki is a collaborative project to help you find quick and easy facts about everything from teachers to clubs to the times the Caf is open! Enjoy!

Why WikiEdit

So right now you may be asking yourself the question, "Why does Pepperdine need a wiki (other than the fact that it's cool, of course)?" There are many good answers to this question. A wiki is a style of website that allows everyone to edit and thus gives a massive collaboration of all the best information out there. Also, a wiki is simple, and most people are already used to the interface thanks to Wikipedia. This is nice for when you are faced with the issue of trying to look something up quick, like the times the Waves Cafe is open on the weekends or finding out where your teacher's office is located or what their email address is. The wiki addresses all of these issues and gathers them all together on one site, so that when you need information fast, you know where and how to look for it.

Help NeededEdit

Right now, Pepperdine Wiki is still in its baby stages, as it was just created. Please help me to expand it by creating and/or updating articles about places, clubs, teachers, etc. I am planning to write a tutorial soon on how to format pages and such, but for right now just start writing and I will worry about the formatting later. Or, if you feel adventurous, you can try to format the pages yourself, basing them on previously created pages. So far, I have created the format for three types of pages: Locations/Services, Teachers, and Students. I will soon be working to start ones like Clubs, Divisions, Classes, Non-Teaching Faculty, Events, etc. If you wish to see the examples I have created thus far, see below.

One note: Right now I would say that Locations/Services is the most needed section. Add pages some pages by clicking their links below. If you want to add one that is not below, click the "add new article" link under the navigation bar on the left side of the page. Recommended Pages:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, email me at